Autonomous exercise game use improves metabolic control and quality of life in type 2 diabetes patients – a randomized controlled trial

31. Dezember 2013

Lifestyle intervention in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is effective but needs a special local setting and is costly. Therefore, in a randomized-controlled trial we tested the hypothesis that the autonomous use of the interactive exercise game Wii Fit Plus over a period of 12 weeks improves metabolic control, with HbA1c reduction as the primary outcome, and weight loss, reduction of cardiometabolic risk factors, physical activity and quality of life (secondary outcomes) in T2DM patients.

Autoren: Kerstin Kempf and Stephan Martin

Prof. Dr. Martin

Chefarzt für Diabetologie und Direktor des Westdeutschen Diabetes- und Gesundheitszentrum (WDGZ) in Düsseldorf